Job-Ready Certification Course

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About Course

Become a clear, efficient and confident communicator and shine in this competitive world. 

  • Master verbal and non verbal communication techniques
  • Build strong foundation in the 7 C’s
  • Type of communication and  practical aspects
  • Equip yourself with tricks to remove your hurdles.
  • Convey your message without fear of misinterpretation

Job rejection will no longer be your acquaintance as we present to you the secret solution to all your problems. 

  • Understand the ABC’s of interviews
  • Prepare with our interview preparation formula 
  • Explore ways to groom yourself and your answers
  • Mould your brainstorming and answer framing with our techniques
  • Explore methods to appear as the best candidate in front of the recruiter. 

Say goodbye to your fear of the Managerial Round and get that job in your pocket.

  • Learn to answer even the trickiest questions
  • Get to know the recruiters’ motive
  • Explore the ideal ways to approach the questions
  • Identify the answers to stay away from 
  • Deliver a strong answer that’ll grab you the offer letter. 

Conquer this mass reduction round with our tested and tried techniques. 

  • Develop basic understanding of the procedure
  • Identify the perfect entry points to the discussion
  • Ways to get noticed and create an impact
  • Develop non verbal communication techniques 
  • Look professional with our handpicked list of  phrases

Prepare yourself to huntdown your dream job through job search portals. Get access to exclusive tips and step by step guidelines to stand out and improve your chances of getting hired.

  • Top Job Search Portals
  • The best method to create a strong profile/CV/Resume
  • Search for jobs faster than ever 
  • Receive Job Alerts of your interest
  • Methods to get noticed by Recruiter

Bonus Courses

The Career Path

Are you satisfied with your career? Where do you see yourself in the future? No matter where you are on your professional journey, careful planning will help you reach your goals. This course will help you adapt to rapidly evolving job markets by enhancing your self-knowledge and confidence to explore wider career opportunities. You will create a career development plan, encompassing your career goals, skills and knowledge development for your current and future jobs, and learn how to make the most of your strengths, talents, and experience. You’ll receive valuable guidance based on practical suggestions, theoretical models and current empirical evidence. Via structured learning activities you will gain an appreciation that career planning and management is an ongoing, rewarding process of assessing career identity, setting new learning goals and career visions, and celebrating accomplishments as you develop.

ABC’s Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social platform designed mainly for career and business professionals all over the globe with over 660 million users, of which 57% are male and 43% are female. It is an online service that works via websites and mobile apps used by millions of working professionals all over the world. It is a bit safer, real & well respected than the other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. A common platform used by fresher’s to search for a job, experienced guy to switch job and recruiters in hiring potential candidates. In this course we will teach you various things like creating a LinkedIn account, how to use a LinkedIn account, what facilities does LinkedIn offer and others.

Email Writing :

Email is one of the most widely used and preferred modes for both formal and informal communication. A well structured email can convey the message in a precise, clear and friendly manner. An electronic mail will play a very important role for getting a job as well as for good
performance in your workplace. Because of the same reasons, it is very important to have a proper knowledge of its structure.

Basics of M.S. Excel

Microsoft Excel is a software program that has been created by microsoft. It is mainly designed to organise numbers and data with formulas and functions with the use of spreadsheets. It consists of a ‘n’ number of rows and columns that are collectively known as tables. MS-Excel is a very user friendly program that can be accessed on multiple platforms like windows, macOS, smartphones, and tablets. It provides the user with more systematic display of data. It allows the user to arrange their data in order to view various factors from different perspectives.

Effective Presentation :

Presentation is a way of conveying your thoughts or ideas effectively to your audience. To deliver an engaging presentation, you need to understand the structure, design of slides, and upgrade your non-verbal communication skills like gestures, eye contact,voice modulation, use of space, and body language. Presentations are of different types and should be tailored based on the purpose it serves.


A cover letter is a one-page document that usually accompanies a resume and is used to highlight why you’re fit for the job. It encourages the hiring manager to go through your resume and helps to build a rapport. Therefore, a cover letter should be concise and specific to the job you’re applying for.In this course, we will teach you the structure of the cover letter, the tips, and tricks to write a cover letter, and the do’s and don’ts while writing one

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Course Content

Email Writing :

  • Make Your First Professional Email
  • Setting Up Signature : One Step Ahead
  • Starting Mail Merge

Cover Letter & Video Resume

Effective Presentation

ABC’s Of LinkedIn

Basics of M.S. Excel

The Career Path